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Three incredible road trips for motorbikers in Brazil

Brazil is the 5th largest country in the world and is served by more than 1.7 million kilometers (one million miles) of roads crisscrossing it. Here are 676 km (420 miles) of some of the most beautiful roads for unforgettable motorcycle rides in Brazil.


The Romantic Route in Rio Grande do Sul state

These 184 km (114 miles) are an easy ride through a scenic road known by locals as The Romantic Route. The road in Rio Grande do Sul state winds from the city of Sao Leopoldo to Sao Francisco de Paula. Along the way, it reveals an astonishing landscape dotted with canyons, waterfalls, bluffs, wooded hills, vineyards and small towns. Stop by some of them to get a taste of Brazil’s famous Gaucho-style barbeque, and to enjoy the German and Italian historical presence in the area.

The Eight Falls Park in Sao Francisco de Paula

São Leopoldo is the first German settlement in Rio Grande do Sul. To learn more:


The adrenaline rush of Serra do Rio do Rastro

In Santa Catarina state, the SC 390 road takes riders to an epic adventure 1,459m (4,786ft) above sea level. The zigzagging road clings on the side of the Rio do Rastro Mountain range offering 35km (21 miles) of breathtaking views populated by nothing less than 284 bends. Look outs pop up from time to time so people can have a good view of the spectacular surroundings. The trip is a top prize for any high-level skills biker.

Rent a luxury cottage to rest after conquering one of the five most beautiful and challenging roads in the world


Follow the ocean riding the Rio-Santos road

With the Atlantic Ocean at one side and a verdant forest carpeting hill after hill at the other, the 457 km-long (284 miles) of Rio-Santos is seen by many Brazilians a the country’s most beautiful road. The rider can cover its length in one shot or sip all the surrounding beauty at a slow pace, stopping to enjoy the sandy beaches in São Sebastião, Ubatuba, Paraty and Angra dos Reis. The ride is at a medium level of difficulty but pays back with pleasure at a maximum level.

São Sebastião, SP – view from the road

Sunset in Ubatuba, SP

A scooner trip in Paraty, RJ

Angra dos Reis, RJ


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